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INDITEX,one of the world's largest fashion distributors, has more than 6,300 stores in 88 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. In addition to Zara, the largest of its retail chains, INDITEX has other commercial formats: Pull and Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home and Uterqüe. The Group also includes more than a hundred companies associated with the different activities in the business of textile and fashion design, manufacture and distribution.
Its unique management model, based on innovation and flexibility, and its vision of fashion (creativity and quality design, together with a rapid response to market demands) has resulted in fast international expansion and an excellent performance of its commercial formats.
The INDITEX Group is made up of over 110,000 professionals. INDITEX has an international staff - half of its employees work outside Spain.
INDITEX's corporate culture is characterized by teamwork, open communication and a high level of demand. These principles are the grounds of the personal commitment focused to customer satisfaction.
INDITEX offers its employees a dynamic and international environment that values their ideas. INDITEX values job stability, training and internal promotion.
If you are interested in a career with INDITEX CHINA, please see the more position descriptions on zhaopin website, or visit our company website for further information.
INDITEX作为世界最大的时装零售公司之一,在欧洲,美洲,亚洲和非洲的88个国家拥有6300多个门店。 除了最大的零售连锁店Zara以外,INDITEX还拥有另外7大品牌:Pull and Bear、Massimo Dutti、Bershka、Stradivarius、Oysho, Zara Home 以及 Uterqüe。 此外,集团还拥有100多家从事纺织服装设计,生产和销售等相关业务的企业。

公司以其创新和灵活为基础的独特管理模式,凭借其对时尚的洞察和理解 —— 创意的设计, 高品质和对市场需求的快速反应 —— 迅速打开了国际市场,并形成了集团卓越的商业模式。




如果您有志于在INDITEX集团发展您的的职业生涯,请通过智联浏览集团在中国的工作机会,并欢迎访问我们的公司官方网站 以获得更多信息。

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  • 公司性质:欧美企业
  • 公司规模:1000-9999人
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  • 所属行业:null 零售/批发 耐用消费品(服饰/纺织/皮革/家具/家电)
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